10 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Did you know that, in general, 1/3 of adults in America struggle with anxiety at  some point in their lives? Anxiety can creep in and take over your life without you really knowing it. It's important to stay in tune with your inner self to maintain balance and notice when there might be a problem. 


With that being said, let’s break down what true anxiety is and natural tips and strategies to help you cope.  


Anxiety. Anxiety is the reaction to situations perceived as stressful or dangerous or unfamiliar situations.  It’s the sense of uneasiness, distress or dread you feel before, during or after a significant event.   


If your anxiety is severe or causes you to panic, be sure to see a health professional. However, for day-to-day anxiety, there are natural ways you can reduce anxiety by yourself. 


Here are some herbs, tips, and techniques you can use...

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Self- Care and Wellness for Women

Focus on You. While you might focus a lot on your physical health, working hard to
lose weight and avoid certain medical conditions you are prone to, you should also
focus on your mental health. This is when you think more about general wellness
and practice self-care.

Self-care is the steady act of taking care of yourself so that you can show up in the world as the woman that you were meant to be. It is the sum of daily rituals and habits that allow you to fuel your body and fill your cup. This can benefit nearly every facet of your life. Here are some easy ways to practice self-care and wellness as a busy woman. 

Exercise Daily

The first thing you can do in order to pay more attention to yourself is to get active. This isn't just for fitness or weight loss, but because it can help your mental wellbeing as well. Mental toughness, self-discipline and stress management are 100x easier when you start your day with movement.

Morning exercise creates  a mental and physical...

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Loving the Lady Inside You

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”

― Pema Chödrön

You know it and I know it.

Taking care of and loving the lady inside us, this lady that makes us who we are and pushes us to do great things, is important - and you got this down pact.


At the same time, it’s also important to know the difference between "self-love" and "self-obsession."

When you love yourself it means you accept yourself as you are and you agree to love yourself, flaws and all.

When you love yourself, you act nice to your soul and encourage it. You stop running with scissors. (sometimes)

On the other hand,

Self-obsession, drives you to compare yourself to other people.

It makes you try to prove that you are better than everybody else in all areas of your life.


Self-obsession makes you run a tiring race by keeping up with the Joneses. Better yet, beating the Joneses. It drains all your energy, develops negative emotions inside you against...

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