Power Thought Journal: Printable PDF (Digital)

The Power Thought Journal is designed for the Powerhouse woman who wants to take their mindset and business success to the next level with daily power thoughts and actionable steps to bring about the life you truly desire. This mindset management tool covers 12 weeks of daily affirmative powerful thoughts.


This Digital Journal includes:

90-Day Mindset Makeover System

12-Weeks of Daily Planning Pages

Daily Action Plan to Manifest Faster

Built-In Gratitude

Action-Oriented Layout

Productivity Powered To-Do List

Area for Notes and Thoughts

When you layer affirmations, action steps, gratitude with goal setting you'll become more focused and energized to get what you want quickly. The Power Thought Journal is the all-in-one mindset management tool that empowers you to align your mind, body and spirit for maximum manifestation! Get what you want in life now!


As Powerhouse women, we know that all isn’t what it seems. In most cases we have to dig really deep to manifest our heart desires and success outcomes. It requires spiritual grounding, where you can get yourself mind, body and spirit to manifest amazing results. God has intended many great things for you in your life and business, it’s up to you to accept, attract and be open to receive it into your life.  Don’t underestimate the power of writing in a planner to bring about your greatest desires. I have done it over and over again.  


Get ready for the biggest mindset shift of your life! Reclaim your mindset, create balance, increase abundance and achieve goals in both business and life faster than you ever dreamed possible with this planner.  

"It helped me get a life and manage my bouts with imposter syndrome head on."

L. French

"Using the journal to script my success! I never knew I could feel this good! I’ve always been a worrier and I realized I needed this journal to get my head on straight. I needed a whole new mindset to get rid of the worry for good. It worked! I’m excited for the new power thoughts every 90 days. #winning"

A. Willis

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