Free Your Mind Mastery + 1:1 12-Week Coaching includes:

Free Your MInd Mastery + the Beautiful Bonuses bundle.


SIX One-on-One Coaching Calls

In addition to our weekly group calls to enhance the work you’re doing in the program and give you personal laser-like focus on what you need reboot to get your life and your business flourishing.

A Personalized Review of Your Life Map, Obstacle Plan, and Powerful Welcome Workbook.

I’ll review your work to make sure it’s perfectly aligned with your professional and lifestyle goals and give you my expert feedback.

Continued Personal Support

AFTER you graduate from Free Your Mind Mastery. We’ll have a final follow-up call so we can celebrate your wins and plot a course for your future.

"I have learned to start speaking it like you said. Believe it or not--I am smiling! Finally... There is light at the end of the tunnel...I can see it now."


""You possess much wisdom for a young chick. I remember when I freaked out and had to have a Lovelady conversation.""


"You're a great mentor! You saved me when I couldn't save myself..."


Here's how it works:

  1. Click the button above to enroll and complete your payment through [Insert Payment Method].
  2. You will be emailed a link to the Lovelady University Member Welcome Page with your login information.
  3. Once you login, you’ll have instant access to the Free Your Mind quick start course materials and you’ll be greeted by a welcome video of me congratulating you.
  4. On September (TBA) you’ll be invited to a live Q&A event to answer any of your questions about Free Your Mind!
  5. Class begins LIVE on September (TBA)!

Now, I’ve promised that I will always be real with you, so here it is...

This program might not be the right fit for you if:

  • You can’t commit to blocking out at least 30 min a day to take care of you. I’ve boiled down the essentials and have simple powerful practices that don’t take that much time, but they won’t work if you don’t put them into practice.  
  • You want a QUICK fix and you’re not willing to make a real lifestyle and mind shift.
  • You’re stuck in a victim mentality and feel like everything is everyone else’s fault. This work is about taking responsibility for your life. You need to step up like a queen, not a victim.
  • You hate laughing and don’t like to have fun. I have a quirky and fun sense of humor and I love life, girl. If you can’t look forward to looking on the bright side with me, we won’t click.

BUT.  If you’re ready to learn how to get over yourself and get over the overwhelm in every area of your life once and for all, then I’m here for you, Powerhouse.

It’s time to get right with yourself.


Strength, Courage and Wisdom have been inside of you all along.


It’s time to reconnect with exactly who you are.


Don’t just survive… thrive.

Let’s get to work. I can’t wait to see you inside Lovelady University.


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[Iā€™m ready.]


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Meet Kimberly!

Hello, I’m Kimberly Lovelady and I’m a professional high-performance life and business coach. Improving the lives of my fellow women through education and service is what lights me up. My goal is to help one woman at a time, no matter where she’s at.

And trust me, not too long ago, I was right where you are now.

There I was, with a super successful career as a health professional.  Two beautiful children.  A wonderful husband.

 On paper, it all looked picture perfect.

But on the inside, I was crumbling. I felt lost, confused and drowning in overwhelm. I was so stressed out that my hair was falling out (100% serious).

 I was a mess. And not a hot one.

 I loved being a mother and a wife, and I was so grateful for everything that life had given me…but I had lost myself somewhere around the way. My identity outside of the roles I was playing was nowhere to be found.

 But I still kept cruising along on autopilot. Until one day, I got a big wakeup call.

My very close friend and business confidant Paula took her own life. My world was turned upside down. I found it hard to focus or even get excited about my business.

That was it for me.

 The last straw.

 It was a glaring reminder that life doesn’t last forever. And that this isn’t a dress rehearsal. I knew I had to figure out my mini-identity crisis and get back to ME. I had to rediscover who I was and what I wanted. I had to become the CEO of my own destiny.  What was I waiting for?

 I reached out to my holistic doctor, started journaling and began to focus on small, daily acts of self-love.

I fed myself foods that nourished my mind and body and I started doing things that brought me joy. I started to experiment with new things…as a full-blown city girl now living in a rural town, I was shocked to find I loved digging my hands into the earth and working in my garden. I shifted my business. Boom! I found my happy place.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

As a social-behavioral epidemiologist by training, I transitioned into holistic health education and lifestyle coaching because I believe society is ready for a mindset shift in healthy living--and that shift starts one person and one tiny action at a time.

I founded Fundamental Health Solutions in 2011 and since have helped thousands of individuals, couples and families through my healthy living consultancy.  

Now I’m bringing my curriculum and coaching services to high-minded women seeking healthier, happier lives. I combine by proven, proprietary teaching method, my advanced degrees in biology, public health, and social work, and my personal life experience to build programs where massive change possible.

Improving the lives of my fellow women through education and service is what lights me up. I would be honored to teach and serve you!

"This program helped me look at some options that I hadn't thought about. I truly believe that if you want to make a change and you feel that it is something that you can do better with other people meeting to motivate you and encourage you then I think this program is for you. "


"The program makes me work harder at keeping my commitment to myself. I am not willing to give up. I began to acknowledge I will have good and bad days because that is a part of life."


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